Portugal Job Seeker Visa

7 Steps for Portugal Job Seeker Visa: Command Your Career Destiny

Introduction to Portugal Job Seeker Visa

The Portugal job seeker visa allows entry to Portugal for job hunting, permitting work until it expires or a residence permit is issued. Valid for 120 days and extendable for 60 more days, it requires scheduling with relevant services and enables applying for a residence permit post-employment contract formalization. If no job is secured or the residence permit process starts after the visa expires, the holder must exit Portugal and wait a year to reapply. Extension requests need IEFP registration and a declaration of unchanged stay conditions.

Benefits of Living in Portugal

Living in Portugal offers a variety of benefits that appeal to individuals and families looking for a new place to call home, a retirement destination, or a sunny locale to work remotely. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Pleasant Climate

Portugal is famous for its warm, Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild, wet winters, particularly in the southern regions like the Algarve, making it an ideal destination for those who enjoy sunshine and outdoor activities.

2. Cost of Living

Compared to many Western European countries, Portugal offers a more affordable cost of living, including lower costs for housing, food, and utilities. This affordability allows residents to enjoy a higher standard of living for less.

3. Quality of Life

Portugal ranks highly in terms of quality of life, thanks to its relaxed pace, friendly communities, and the balance between work and leisure. The Portuguese place a strong emphasis on family and enjoying life, contributing to overall well-being.

4. Stunning Landscapes and Beaches

With its extensive coastline, Portugal is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, along with stunning landscapes ranging from the vineyards of the Douro Valley to the dramatic cliffs of the Algarve and the lush islands of Madeira and the Azores.

Portugal Job Seeker Visa

5. Rich Cultural Heritage

Portugal has a deep cultural heritage, reflected in its historic cities, architecture, music (like Fado), festivals, and cuisine. The country’s history as a maritime nation has also infused it with diverse cultural influences.

6. High Ranked Passport

The Portuguese passport is highly powerful and ranks among the top passports in the world in terms of travel freedom. Portuguese citizens have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 190 countries and territories. This level of access places the Portuguese passport at number 4 in the top tiers of the Global Passport Index as per the Henley Passport Index.

7. Welcoming to Expatriates

The Portuguese are known for being open and welcoming to foreigners, making it easier for expatriates to integrate and feel at home. English is widely spoken, especially in cities and tourist areas, facilitating communication for those who do not speak Portuguese.

8. Healthcare System

Portugal offers a high-quality public healthcare system to its residents, which is ranked among the best in the world. There is also an option for private healthcare, which is affordable and provides access to excellent medical services.

9. Favorable Tax Regime

The Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) program provides significant tax benefits for expatriates, including reduced tax rates and exemptions on foreign income for the first ten years of residency.

10. Strategic Location

Portugal’s strategic location on the edge of Europe provides easy access to other European countries and Africa. Its excellent transport links, including major airports and ports, make it an ideal base for travel and business.

Eligibility Criteria for Portugal Job Seeker Visa

  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Health Insurance for period of stay
  3. Proof of enough financial means to cover all expenses
  4. Confirm return tickets
  5. Confirmed accommodation bookings
  6. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Documents Required for Portugal Job Seeker Visa

  • Visa application form duly filled out and signed by the applicant.
  • Passport or other travel document, valid for at least 3 months after the estimated date of return from Portugal.
  • Photocopy of passport (biographical data); 
  • 2 recent passport-sized photos.
  • If you’re applying for a visa in a country that you’re not a citizen of, you must show valid proof of your current legal status that lasts beyond the expiration date of the the job seeker visa (Like UAE residence visa or Emirates ID)
  • If you are applying and are older than 16 years of age, you need a police clearance certificate from your home country or any country where you’ve lived for more than a year. This document must be either apostilled (if applicable) or legalized.
  • Valid travel insurance that covers essential medical costs, including emergency services and potential repatriation.
  • Copy of the return ticket.
  • Proof of home or employment ties
    • Preferably NOC from employer confirming that you can rejoin the work if unsuccessful in securing job in Portugal
  • Show evidence that you have funds equal to at least three times the monthly minimum wage guaranteed.
    • Minimum monthly wage in Portugal is EUR 820 as of Jan 2024.
    • You don't have to show proof of financial means if a Portuguese citizen or a legal resident in Portugal signs a document. This document must promise to provide you with food and lodging and cover the costs of sending you back to your country if you stay in Portugal without proper permission. The person signing the document of responsibility must also show they can financially support at least three times the amount of the minimum monthly wage.

Specific Documents Required for Portugal Job Seeker Visa

  • Write a personal statement detailing the conditions of your planned stay.
  • Proof of presentation of a declaration of expression of interest for enrolment in the IEFP.
Portugal Job Seeker Visa

Portugal Job Seeker Visa: Step-by-Step Process

  • Fill out the declaration of expression of interest form for enrollment in the IEFP and enter the following information:.
    • first name and surname (last name) as per passport.
    • date of birth
    • passport number, Emission (Passport issuance) date, validity (Passport expiry) date
    • nationality
    • country of residence
    • email
    • schooling (select the highest qualification obtained)
    • areas (field) of experience and areas (field) in which you are looking for job
    • select years of experience
    • select languages that you can speak
    • contact language (in which you want Portuguese authorities to contact you)
    • check all boxes under ‘Declaration of commitment
    • click submit.
      If you're from outside the EU and want to enter Portugal to job hunt, you need to show your intent to register with the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP), Portugal's public employment service, before you apply for a Job Search Visa.
  • You will receive the declaration via email soon.
    • Remember to check your spam/junk email folder in case you don't receive the email
  • Locate your nearest Portuguese consulate.
  • Contact them via the concerned consulate email and attach the declaration letter.
    • Sample email format is given here for your reference. Please amend as per your details.
Portugal Job Seeker Visa
Sample Email for Appointment-Portugal Job Seeker Visa
  • Wait for the email from the Portuguese embassy with the appointment.
  • Visit the embassy as per the appointment and carry all the necessary documents as mentioned or as required by the embassy.
  • If successful, you will be granted the Portugal Job Seeker Visa for 120 days, which may be extended for another 60 days if you are able to prove that you are registered with IEFP as a job seeker. You can find and register at the nearest Job Services.
Portugal Job Seeker Visa
Portugal Job Seeker Visa

If you have a Portugal Job Seeker Visa and haven’t found a job by the time it expires, you must leave the country. You can only apply for another job search visa one year after the previous one has expired.

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