Shinjuku Halal Food

Shinjuku Halal Food: Explore the 10 Exquisite Fusions of Taste


Shinjuku, a bustling metropolis within Tokyo, Japan, is renowned for its vibrant streets, towering skyscrapers, and a melting pot of cultures. Amidst its neon-lit alleys, Shinjuku harbors an array of culinary treasures catering to diverse palates and dietary requirements, including a growing demand for halal food. With its cosmopolitan populace and a significant number of Muslim residents and tourists, the availability options for Shinjuku Halal Food has become increasingly important. This blog delves into the heart of Shinjuku to discover the top halal restaurants that promise not only to adhere to halal standards but also to offer an unforgettable dining experience.

Shinjuku Halal Food: List of Restaurants

1. Halal Ramen Ouka

Nestled in the vibrant streets of Shinjuku, Halal Ramen Ouka offers a delightful journey into the world of Japanese cuisine with a halal twist. Specializing in ramen, this restaurant takes pride in serving dishes that cater to the halal dietary requirements without compromising on the authentic Japanese flavor. From the rich and flavorful broth to the perfectly cooked noodles, each bowl promises a taste of Japan’s culinary excellence.

  • Cuisine Type: Japanese (Ramen)
  • Popular Dishes: Halal Chicken Ramen, Spicy Miso Ramen
  • Ambiance: Cozy and welcoming, with traditional Japanese seating
  • GPS Coordinates: 35.69027, 139.71208 View on Google Maps
  • Contact Number: +81-3-5357-7664

2. Gyumon Restaurant

Gyumon is a rare find among Shinjuku halal food, offering authentic halal-certified yakiniku (Japanese BBQ). This restaurant allows guests to grill their own selection of meats at the table, ensuring a fresh and personalized dining experience. Gyumon’s commitment to quality and adherence to halal standards makes it a popular choice among Muslim diners seeking an authentic yakiniku experience.

  • Cuisine Type: Japanese (Yakiniku)
  • Popular Dishes: Halal Beef Set, Mixed Vegetable Plate
  • Ambiance: Casual and interactive, ideal for groups and families
  • GPS Coordinates: 35.65560, 139.70654 View on Google Maps
  • Contact Number: +81-3-5469-2911

3. Tokyo Chinese Muslim Restaurant (Tokyo Muslim Hanten)

Specializing in Chinese halal cuisine, Tokyo Chinese Muslim Restaurant is celebrated for its authentic flavors, hearty portions, and a diverse menu catering to various dietary preferences. From hand-pulled noodles to spicy Sichuan dishes, this restaurant is a testament to the rich culinary traditions of China, adapted for the halal audience.

  • Cuisine Type: Chinese (Halal)
  • Popular Dishes: Halal Peking Duck, Sichuan Beef, Hand-Pulled Noodles
  • Ambiance: Simple and spacious, ideal for family gatherings
  • GPS Coordinates: 35.69600, 139.81170 View on Google Maps
  • Contact Number: +81-3-5669-0934

4. Bosphorus Hasan Shinjuku

Exploring the Shinjuku halal foods, Bosphorus Hasan offers a slice of Turkish delight in the heart of Shinjuku, serving a wide range of Turkish dishes from savory kebabs to sweet baklavas. This restaurant prides itself on its authentic recipes, halal meats, and the warm hospitality reminiscent of Turkish dining culture.

  • Cuisine Type: Turkish
  • Popular Dishes: Mixed Kebab Plate, Turkish Pizza, Baklava
  • Ambiance: Warm with traditional Turkish décor
  • GPS Coordinates: 35.68968, 139.70822 View on Google Maps
  • Contact Number: +81-3-6380-6412

5. Halal Wagyu Yakiniku PANGA

Halal Wagyu Yakiniku PANGA elevates the Japanese BBQ experience with its offering of halal-certified Wagyu beef. Guests can enjoy the luxury of grilling premium cuts at their table, ensuring a unique and high-quality dining experience in a halal-friendly environment.

  • Cuisine Type: Japanese (Yakiniku)
  • Popular Dishes: Halal Wagyu Beef Set, Grilled Vegetables
  • Ambiance: Elegant and modern, suitable for special occasions
  • GPS Coordinates: 35.70506, 139.78101 View on Google Maps
  • Contact Number: +81-3-3839-8929

6. Saray Halal Kebab

Saray Halal Kebab stands as a beacon for those in search of authentic Turkish cuisine in Shinjuku halal food. With a focus on traditional recipes and the finest halal-certified ingredients, Saray offers a menu that transports diners straight to the streets of Istanbul. Renowned for its succulent kebabs, savory flatbreads, and rich, aromatic teas, this restaurant is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the depth of Turkish flavors.

  • Cuisine Type: Turkish
  • Popular Dishes: Adana Kebab, Chicken Shish Kebab, Turkish Lentil Soup, Baklava for dessert
  • Ambiance: The restaurant boasts a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with décor that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Turkey. The warm lighting and traditional Turkish music playing in the background create a relaxing dining environment, perfect for both casual meals and special occasions.
  • GPS Coordinates: 35.70531, 139.69736 View on Google Maps
  • Contact Number: +81-80-3718-1434

7. Mughal Halal Indian Restaurant

MUGHAL Halal Indian Restaurant is a gem in diverse Shinjuku halal food, offering a rich tapestry of flavors from the Indian subcontinent. With a commitment to authentic Indian cuisine and halal-certified ingredients, MUGHAL invites diners to embark on a flavorful journey through India’s vast culinary landscape. From spicy curries to fragrant biryanis and soft, freshly baked naans, each dish is prepared with care, ensuring a truly authentic dining experience.

  • Cuisine Type: Indian
  • Popular Dishes: Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Rogan Josh, Vegetable Biryani, Palak Paneer, alongside a variety of traditional bread like Garlic Naan and Peshawari Naan.
  • Ambiance: MUGHAL offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, with decor that reflects the rich colors and patterns of India. The dining space is comfortable and elegantly appointed, providing a perfect backdrop for a casual meal with family or a romantic dinner. Soft, traditional Indian music enhances the dining experience, adding to the restaurant’s authentic vibe.
  • GPS Coordinates: 35.71205, 139.71953 View on Google Maps
  • Contact Number: +81-80-4889-1974

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8. Potohar Shinjuku

Potohar Shinjuku is a culinary haven for those seeking to experience the authentic flavors of Pakistani cuisine in Tokyo. Named after the Potohar region, known for its rich culinary heritage, this restaurant serves a variety of dishes that are deeply rooted in Pakistani culinary traditions. With a focus on halal ingredients and traditional cooking methods, Potohar offers a genuine taste of Pakistan’s diverse and flavorful cuisine.

  • Cuisine Type: Pakistani
  • Popular Dishes: Chicken Biryani, Mutton Karahi, Seekh Kebabs, and Aloo Paratha. Their menu also features a selection of vegetarian options, showcasing the versatility of Pakistani cuisine.
  • Ambiance: Potohar Shinjuku provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, with decor inspired by Pakistani culture and traditions. The restaurant’s interior is adorned with traditional textiles and artwork, creating a cozy setting that complements the dining experience. Soft lighting and Pakistani music add to the ambiance, making diners feel as though they’ve stepped into a home in Pakistan.
  • GPS Coordinates: 35.6864128, 139.69321 View on Google Maps
  • Contact Number: +81-3-5371-3305

9. Ashoka Indian Restaurant

Ashoka Indian Restaurant Shinjuku is a beacon for those in pursuit of authentic Indian flavors in Tokyo. As part of a renowned chain of Indian restaurants, Ashoka maintains a high standard of quality and authenticity among Shinjuku halal food options, offering a wide array of dishes from various regions of India. With an emphasis on halal ingredients, Ashoka caters to a diverse clientele, ensuring that every guest can enjoy the rich and varied flavors of Indian cuisine.

  • Cuisine Type: Indian
  • Popular Dishes: Tandoori Chicken, Paneer Butter Masala, Lamb Biryani, and Dal Makhani. Their menu also includes a selection of Indian bread, such as Naan, Roti, and Paratha, which are perfect for sopping up the flavorful sauces.
  • Ambiance: The restaurant provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with decor that reflects the vibrant culture of India. The interior is adorned with traditional Indian art and motifs, creating a warm and authentic dining environment. Soft, classical Indian music plays in the background, enhancing the overall dining experience by adding a touch of cultural richness.
  • GPS Coordinates: 35.69290, 139.69124 View on Google Maps
  • Contact Number: +81-3-3344-4588

10. Turkish Restaurant Cankaya

Turkish Restaurant Cankaya in Shinjuku is a culinary jewel for those seeking authentic Turkish flavors in Tokyo. This restaurant prides itself on delivering a true taste of Turkey through its extensive menu of traditional dishes, all prepared using halal-certified ingredients. Cankaya’s commitment to authenticity and quality makes it a favorite among both the local Turkish community and adventurous foodies alike.

  • Cuisine Type: Turkish
  • Popular Dishes: Doner Kebab, Iskender Kebab, Meze Platter, and Baklava. The restaurant also offers a variety of grilled meats, seafood dishes, and vegetarian options, showcasing the diversity of Turkish cuisine.
  • Ambiance: Cankaya features a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with decor inspired by Turkish art and culture. The restaurant’s interior is elegantly designed, offering a comfortable and authentic dining experience. Traditional Turkish music playing in the background adds to the ambiance, inviting diners to immerse themselves in the culture.
  • GPS Coordinates: 35.68931, 139.69713 View on Google Maps
  • Contact Number: +81-3-3345-0244


Shinjuku halal food scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, cultures, and culinary traditions, offering something for everyone. From the rich broths of halal ramen to the spicy delights of Middle Eastern kebabs, the area’s restaurants are a testament to Tokyo’s multicultural spirit and commitment to inclusivity. Whether you’re a local or a traveler, exploring Shinjuku halal food options is not just about enjoying delicious food; it’s about experiencing the unity and diversity of this bustling city. We encourage everyone to embark on this culinary journey, where taste knows no boundaries, and dining is a celebration of global cultures.

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